The Inventa Center for Cancer Research is a division of Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology. We partner with leading research centers and universities to make advanced therapeutics  available in the FWMOH clinics.

We are proud that newly-approved treatments which are saving lives today grow from extensive testing and trials involving our research team and eligible FWMOH patient volunteers.

Our oncologists are committed to this research and invite you to join us in discovering safe, effective, new cancer treatments.

Together, we fight cancer.

What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials


It's Your Choice. Always.

Participation is completely voluntary.  You may withdraw from a trial at any time, for any reason.


You Are NOT a Guinea Pig

Treatments under evaluation have had extensive safety testing and are given in addition to standard protocols. Patients always receive appropriate cancer-fighting therapy.  Placebo-only treatment is never prescribed.


Open for All Eligible Patients

Clinical trials are not a “last resort.” Eligible patients may enroll in a trial right from the beginning of treatment


How Do I Enroll?

Your FWMOH oncologist is aware of trials underway and is likely to suggest considering a trial if you meet the specific criteria.  However, please don’t hesitate to mention that you’re interested in clinical trials. 

Clinical Trials Currently Underway

Use the slider bar on the right to scroll through the list of clinical trials underway now at the Inventa Center for Cancer Research and Fort Wayne Medical Oncology.  For additional information visit ClinicalTrials.Gov

Want to know more about a clinical trial?  Use this form to let us know and we’ll be in touch soon.

Clinical Trial Interest Contact Form

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