Our History is Told by the Lives We Touch

At Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology, we are dedicated to joining your family in the fight against cancer.

Since our founding in 1977, our mission has not changed – to provide the highest quality cancer care to patients in northeast Indiana. 

We understand that your life, your needs, and your comfort are at the center of your treatment journey. That’s why we bring experienced oncologists to clinics in communities all over the region, ensuring convenient access to top-notch cancer care right in your hometown. By receiving treatment close to home, you save precious time, money, and energy during this challenging time.

Our Inventa Center for Cancer Research is at the forefront of treatment. This gives you early access to new medications and protocols, often years before they become widely available.

Your well-being and comfort are the focus of our Palliative Care Team. They specialize helping you control pain, stress, nutrition and even those worries you may not feel comfortable sharing with your loved ones.

Whichever clinic you visit and whichever oncologist leads your care, rest assured our goal is simple – to provide you with the very best cancer care possible.

Together, we’ll fight your cancer.