Fort Wayne Medical Oncology & Hematology medical records department is here to help assist patients in a couple of ways. First, if a patient needs their medical records sent to another provider, or would like to receive a copy of their medical records for personal use, they should please feel free to contact one of our medical records staff members to assist them. Please remember there may be a fee. There is no fee if the patient needs records sent to another provider or if they would like a copy of their medical records saved to a disc. The patient will be required to sign a release of information prior to receiving copies of records. Please allow 5-7 business days for us, or our copy service MediCopy, to process the request.

Medical records can also assist the patient by making sure our providers have the most up-to-date medical records available for them to review. When a patient has an upcoming appointment with one of our providers, and the patient has had some additional testing or has been recently hospitalized, please feel free to notify one of our medical records staff members and we will make sure that information is readily available for our providers for that patient’s appointment.

Winter Weather Alert:  Our clinics in Angola, Decatur, Bluffton, Hicksville, Wabash are closed Jan. 23rd.  Fort Wayne offices will be open unless Allen County has a RED advisory.  If Allen County is RED, Fort Wayne offices will be closed also.