Naga Vutukuri, MD

Why Did You Choose Oncology?

When I was in medical school in my pre-clinical year, I experienced my first personal loss because of small cell lung cancer. My favorite uncle was diagnosed and died of lung cancer within 3 months. I then realized the need for oncologists in the community, and throughout my medical journey, my passion towards onclogy grew with me.

My experience as a Palliative Care physican for 3 years helped me make the decision of becoming an ocnologist so that I am able to provide complete care based on the patient’s and family’s goals. 

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at FWMOH?

It is my honor to take care of a patient. When a patient walks into my clinic, I am not only responsible for him, but I am responsible for his whole family. I will be dedicated to their well-being not only clinically, but emotionally too.

I can’t completely cure the patient nor achieve remission all the time, but I might be able to make the grandparent attend their granddaughter’s wedding, make a father attend his son’s graduation, or making an aunt attend their niece’s game.

I always remember one of my patients who was diagnosed with cancer and while on her treatment, she was able to go to her bachelorette party in Florida, get married, and achieve complete remission. I still remember the smile on her face to this day.

What Excites You About the Future?

I am very excited abut the future of oncology. Patients with the same cancer that killed my uncle in 3 months are living 2 years or more due to immunotherapy treatments and targeted treatments.

Many exciting things are happening in the oncology field that challenge the cancer at every level and motivates me to learn and treat the patient, who can not only be cancer free, but live longer with cancer.

Oncologist Dr. Naga Vutukuri

Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine Hematology- Oncology 

LSU Health

Residency at Louisiana Health Science Center-University Hospital

LSU Health

Fellowship at Louisiana Health Science Center

King Edward Medical University

Board certified in Internal medicine / hematology / oncology